Have you tried our Virtual Reality Engine Assembly? It’s a great way to learn how an engine works!

I bet you never thought you could become a car mechanic. We developed educational experience where you can learn how to assemble an engine. It’s not only about the big parts but also the smallest nuts and bolts. In a very easy accessible way we help you step by step how to proceed to the next level. There are different levels to train your skills. You can even challenge your friends to see who can assemble the engine the fastest.

The Virtual Reality Engine Assembly with the HTC-Vive is not only interesting for children or teenagers. This solution can be implemented on a high level for starting car-mechanics but also the more senior ones. Think about Virtual possibilities, no expensive car-parts to buy or rent. No space needed to store the engine. There are no expensive costs. This engine is indestructible and you can use it everywhere!

Virtual Reality Engine Assembly – A new type of education!

Alternative possibilities for the Virtual Reality Engine Assembly

The solution with Virtual Reality Engine Assembly is not only for cars and can be adjust for different objects and surroundings. It can be used in biology or for medical purposes for the assembly for a skeleton or other body parts. The Educational setting is not only ideal for training at a professional surrounding but we believe that is self study at home is the future. We want to inspire not only the people who are in top physical condition but also people who are less able to exercise. Another group who we would like to motivate are people who like to make a change in their professional career. If you have no idea on what to expect if you want to be a car mechanic then is the Virtual Reality Engine Assembly your first step in a new world.


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