Medical research

We see a change coming in the scientific community when it comes to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality being a part of therapies for patients with a physical challenge. We are excited about latest project because of the large increase in effectiveness and the ease of use.

Aretha: AR based mirror therapy.

Despite having the same prevalence as Down’s syndrome (affecting 1, in 1,000 live births), hemiplegia is a big problem, less well known to society in general and to doctors specifically.  Parents, to a very large extent, depend on independent voluntary organisations for information and assistance. Therefore there is a demand for effective therapies which the patient can practise without the assistance of a medical professional on location.

We developed a VR based mirror therapy solution with the Samsung Galaxy VR that stimulates the muscles to be strengthen again. This is a daily exercise for 15 minutes from your bed, couch or any other comfortable place which suits your personal training schedule.

Mirror Therapy

The theory behind an effective mirror therapy is complex but results have been proved. We took that idea and applied an advanced mechanism in Augmented reality. With that, we build a platform around it which we call “Aretha: AR basEd mirror THerApy.” It basically shows augmented instructions how to perform the steps in your personalized training schedule with the help of augmented props or simulations. The results are measured and uploaded to our platform in the cloud. We can analyse results and adjust your training schedule remotely and assist you in any way.

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