We develop with Google Tango

Google has been working on Project Tango technology since 2014, enabling Tango supported smartphones to scan a 3D environment/space and add virtual objects. The Tango technology allows users to just hold up their phone and watch as virtual objects and information blend into their surroundings. Objects can be scanned by the cameras and recorded as 3D models. Google Tango makes it possible to add elements of augmented reality to the camera images.


Google Tango applications

Google Tango has three categories

The Google Tango technology not only knows what objects are near- or further away are in the area around, but can also accurately measure how far away. The technology is divided into three categories by Google.

First, it is possible to accurately measure depth. The distance from the camera and sensors to any physical object can be measured up to the centimetre accurately, which gives an application the ability to understand the distance to objects in the real world. Placement of virtual objects is highly accurate and depth perception actually enables Tango supported devices to create 3D pictures.

Second, perhaps even more important part, is area learning. Tango can learn and remember the actual surrounding, making it possible to navigate to physical spaces out of sight and to make virtual objects blend into the real environment they are placed in. With this option we can add functionality for navigation purposes to any application.

And third, Google Tango devices can continuously measure the position relative to other objects in real space, which enables motion tracking without the need of external sensors. The only device you need is a tablet or phone which supports the Google Tango platform.


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