Medical Research

We joined forces with a brilliant researcher with many years of experience specialised in TBI (Trauma Based Injury). Together we are creating a platform based on augmented reality and virtual reality where we can offer therapy to patients on location. AR and VR increases the effectiveness of therapies based on visual input and can be used to treat a variety of physical and psychological traumas. For instance, AR and VR can give people with physical boundaries the possibility to try out-of-reach experiences. It can also create a safe environment to people with learning abilities, allowing better concentration by reducing impulses. Visually impaired can benefit from high contrast visual stimulation and we are getting more and more familiar with actual “brain training”, which allows us to specifically target areas in the brain which need to be enhanced or restored. By “reminding” certain parts of the brain what they are intended for (which have lost their original purpose mostly by disabilities caused by brain trauma), we have already witnessed incredible results.

Extensive research and testing is necessary to better understand the possibilities and the effectiveness of the applications, but progress is being made and AR and VR are already proving to be very powerful tools to develop new therapies and making existing therapies far more effective.

To be continued…

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