Augmented reality versus Mixed reality?

The current market is booming with all kind of mobile devices. there is an urge for finding the latest technology in both hard- and software. We are in this race as well and were experiencing tough challenges with the adoption of Augmented Reality solutions that needed a mark to activate a trigger (using VUFORIA for example). So the next challenge is how to create a high quality Augmented Reality experience without the dependency of a physical mark. An interesting game changer could be Apple’s ARKit. But Google on the other hand is working hard on Google Tango, and its successor: Google ARCore. These technologies enable placement of virtual objects in the real world without the need of markers. Adoption is highly improved when ARKit and Google ARCore become available on a wide range of existing iOS and Android devices. And it creates the ability to blend virtual objects into their surroundings, making these technologies the the first big step towards Mixed Reality.

Currently we are working on an interesting project together with a world leading tech company. Within a couple of weeks we are ready to show an amazing Google Tango based AR application to the world!

To be continued…


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