We develop with Google Tango

We develop with Google Tango Google has been working on Project Tango technology since 2014, enabling Tango supported smartphones to scan a 3D environment/space and add virtual objects. The Tango technology allows users to just Read more…


Medical research

Medical Research We joined forces with a brilliant researcher with many years of experience specialised in TBI (Trauma Based Injury). Together we are creating a platform based on augmented reality and virtual reality where we Read more…


AR / MR?

Augmented reality versus Mixed reality? The current market is booming with all kind of mobile devices. there is an urge for finding the latest technology in both hard- and software. We are in this race Read more…

About Playmax Group

Providing innovative solutions is our passion! Virtual Reality gives an amazing opportunity to enrich any experience. Together with our clients we explore the wide variety of purposes VR and AR can be used for. It is the next step in a fast changing world and we help companies to embrace this innovation. We develop highly advanced VR and AR solutions to provide the best match for corporate and consumer markets. For contact click here.

Scientific Research

Scientific research is an important part of our business. We focus on the different types of technological “Realities” since there is so much to discover on this relatively new realm. We study the ability to create new experiences and research it’s effect on the human cognitive abilities and physical aspects.

Corporate Solutions

Looking for virtual reality solutions for your organisation? We provide VR and AR solutions for Communication, eCommerce and eLearning, including custom AR and VR software on several platforms and devices to meet your business demands.
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This is the main force of our progress and survivability. In our playground for maximum experience we have as set of software- and hardware tools. As we continue to master them all we are continually looking how the market is developing. Below you can find the current ones we use and support.


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